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Media Inquiries & Permission Requests

To request permission to use the Middlesex Water Company name, likeness, or logo, please contact:

Bernadette Sohler
VP Corporate Affairs
(732) 638-7549
[email protected]

All uses must be approved in writing before use.

Additional Company Information

For more information on our family of companies, visit the Our Companies section on this website (see menu in header), which provides more company details as well as areas served.

Middlesex Water Company
Social Media Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Middlesex Water Company’s social media guidelines. We work to communicate with our customers through various methods, including phone, email, Web, bill messaging, face-to-face and our DIRECTAlert registration program. We are continually exploring other ways to keep customers engaged with us and have established a presence in social media sites — specifically on Facebook and Twitter. This page will help you understand what you can expect from us and how you can engage with us in social media.

Facebook and Twitter

We are guided by our Corporate policies and procedures and by our Corporate Standards of Business Conduct when posting on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please take a moment to read our guidelines below for when you choose to contribute to our Facebook or Twitter pages.

  1. Middlesex Water Company’s Facebook and Twitter sites are managed by the Company’s Corporate Affairs department. These platforms are monitored and maintained by the department on weekdays from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (excluding holidays) unless there is a storm or emergency event, when updates are posted as needed. To contact the Corporate Affairs Department call at (732) 638-7549 or email [email protected].
  2. Please note that why we will make every effort to respond to all inquiries and comments that come on our sites, these sites are not a substitute for our Customer Service Department. In order to protect your privacy, we cannot discuss account-specific matters on Facebook or Twitter. Customers who post account-specific information or inquiries will be referred to our customer service call center at 800.549.3802. This policy helps to ensure that your question or concern is addressed appropriately and in a timely manner. Account-specific comments may be deleted from our Facebook or Twitter pages. We also reserve the right to use our judgment in selecting messages to which we respond.
  3. While we encourage interactive dialogue, we ask that you keep the conversation relevant to the topic. We reserve the right to remove off-topic, out of context or promotional postings from these pages. Please note that out of respect for all on the site, we will not tolerate any language that is foul, violent, abusive, racist, bullying, sexist, slanderous, sexual or offensive in any manner. We reserve the right to delete posts, including links, of this nature. People who post comments using such language may be banned from posting on Middlesex Water Company’s Facebook or Twitter pages.
  4. During a storm or water emergency, Middlesex Water Company’s Facebook and Twitter pages will go into “emergency communications mode” and be monitored and updated more frequently with extended hours. This practice is meant to keep you as up to date as possible with developments with which we are aware at that time. We understand the difficulty that you may be experiencing during a storm or water emergency, and that there are many questions pertaining to the event. We will do our best to keep you up-to-date regarding boil water advisories or other outage information, and answer as many questions as possible. Please be aware that we won’t be able to answer questions pertaining to exact water service restoration times or when specifically boil water advisories may be lifted. We will however, post information, as soon as it is available.
  5. Any threat to Middlesex Water personnel, customers, contractors, property or an expressed intent for any other criminal activity that is posted on Middlesex Water’s Facebook or Twitter pages – or in any other forum – will be reported by us to law enforcement officials. Such comments will also be deleted from our Facebook or Twitter pages and the person who posted the comment will be banned from posting comments on Middlesex Water’s Facebook or Twitter pages.
  6. Following a Twitter account, including an account in a Twitter list or liking a Facebook page does not constitute an endorsement; the same applies to re-tweeting messages posted on accounts that Middlesex Water Company does not own or marking messages as favorites.
  7. Middlesex Water Company reserves the right to revise these terms at any time.